Ваш консультант и надёжный поставщик в области строительства
оснований и фундаментов, гидротехнике и мостостроении.

About the company

        The Russian-German joint-stock company “Tiefbautech” is an affiliated company of the firm “Tiefbautech” (Germany) in St.-Petersburg.

        Since the year of 2001 the company has been delivering building equipment and materials of European production to Russia and giving consulting services in the field of foundation, hydraulic engineering, specialized underground, road, tunnel construction and bridge building.

Products and services

        The detailed information about production (descriptions, technical characteristics, prospectuses, the photo and other) can find in section " Products and services ".


         In the course of six years of its activities the personnel of the company delivered to Russia more than 30 units of pile-driving , oil- rig, anchoring equipment and more than 15 thousand tons of sheet piles for the following projects:

        The aim and philosophy of the company’s activities does not consists only in selling building equipment, but also in providing the customer with complex services for the realization of building projects – namely, introducing European innovations and technologies, consulting services, timesaving and optimum selection of building equipment and materials, organizing deliveries, commissioning, training the personnel, after - sale escorting and further service supporting of building equipments.

Yours faithfully and hope for fruitful cooperation,
Collective of Joint-Stock Company "Tiefbautech "